How to Turn Off Driving Mode on Galaxy A72 Easily

How to turn off driving mode on Galaxy A72 is easy. This tutorial will teach you how to do so on any Samsung Galaxy phone. Driving mode is a nice feature that will show your phone’s notifications when you connect it to your vehicles.

How To Turn Off Driving Mode On Galaxy A72

Sometimes, you need this setting to check your phone without even touching it during your ride. All information and notification from your device will be displayed in your car. Perhaps you want to disable this feature because you just sell your vehicle or something like that to turn off the connection.

How to disable driving mode on Galaxy A72

Driving mode helps you a lot to get information including reading and sending messages, making calls, or controlling the media by using your voice. For example, if you are in the “Driving Mode” and you got a message, you could reply to it easily by saying “I am driving right now.” So, you do not have to look at your Galaxy A72 while driving for your safety.

Here is the complete instruction on how to disable the driving mode for Android phones, including Samsung Galaxy A72:

  • Open the quick settings icon. You need to swipe down from the top of your device display by using two fingers. This way will open the drop-down menu instantly.
  • Find the notification of “Driving mode” or “Do not disturb”. When your device enters the driving mode, there will be a notification you can see in this bar. If you are using Galaxy A72, you can tap on the Do not disturb, the colored icon located in the drop-down menu. By using this way, you will turn off driving mode on Galaxy A72. You need to confirm this action.
  • Press the notification button. This way will help you open the Settings icon for the driving mode in your vehicle.
  • After that, choose the colored “On” or “Do not disturb” for the switch. Usually, you will find this at the top of the screen. Please note that each phone may show different options when it comes to the Driving Mode. Once you tap on it, you will deactivate the driving mode.
  • If you want to disable the driving mode permanently from Android phones, including from the Galaxy A72, the easiest method to find the settings for driving mode is by using the Settings App. To do so, open Settings and then tap on the search icon or search bar. Type “Driving” to search for. Alternatively, you can search for “Do not disturb.” Choose the settings of the Driving mode and then turn it off.


That is all the complete information to turn off driving mode on Galaxy A72. It is important to know that the driving mode will not activate if you never set it up before. If you want to disable the driving mode permanently from your Galaxy A72, it takes time. You need to deal with the trial-and-error process.

If you are experiencing difficulty when you are turning off the driving mode, it means there is troubleshooting. Make sure that you repeat the steps above carefully.

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