How to Set Up Voicemail on Galaxy A72 & Troubleshoots

Set up voicemail on Galaxy A72 is useful especially when you have to disconnect or switch your phone off. You may receive messages and missed calls that go to the voicemail that you can check later. It is the function of a voicemail service.

set up voicemail on galaxy a72

Samsung Galaxy A72 is the newest A70 Series. Samsung launched it with some interesting features, such as a screen display in size of 6.7 inches for a Super AMOLED display. Also, the phone comes with an interesting resolution, which is 1080 x 2400 pixels. To help you set up the voicemail for your A72, this is the right place for you. By activating the voicemail, you can keep up all important calls or messages.

Set up voicemail on Galaxy A72 from visual voicemail

First, go to the home screen and then choose the App icon. After that, choose the Keypad tab. To continue, choose the Visual Voicemail icon. To make sure that your voicemail is active, select continue and finalize this step by tapping on OK.

Samsung A72 voicemail settings

The next method on how to set up voicemail on Galaxy A72 is by navigating to the Phone App. Open and then tap the three dots. After that, choose Settings, and then select the “Voicemail.” To continue, choose Voicemail Settings.

Your phone will display the green number, and then copy it beneath the Voicemail number. To proceed, go to the dialer, and then enter the copied number by adding the *. Now, tap on the green phone key, and you finished the voicemail setting on Galaxy A72.

Voicemail settings on Galaxy A72 5G

Please note that you can use this method if you have the visual voicemail app installed on your A72 5G. For instance, you are using T-Mobile Visual Voicemail, head and tap on the three dots located at the top right of your device. After that, select Settings. Now, you can choose the default greeting and continue by recording a new one.

There are some most favorite voicemail visual applications to download on Galaxy A72 5G such as AT & T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Set up voicemail does not work?

If you find trouble on how to set up voicemail on Galaxy A72, it means that you need to update it. The voicemail service can cause these issues. In case the carrier’s voicemail app is not working, check the updates.

If the updates available, you will get new features, bug fixes, and others to solve the common issues. Sometimes the voicemail app breaks because of an issue with your carrier. To start checking for updates, you should go to the Google Play Store and see the available updates. If the carrier you use has updated this application, then update it manually.

Another way to solve this problem is by calling the carrier voicemail inbox you use. All phone networks come with a voicemail number. So, you should call it manually to get your voicemail inbox. This way will help you find any information related to your voicemail inbox. For example, if you could call the voicemail number, listen to the messages and set up the settings, it means the voicemail works normally, and the issue comes from your device.

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