Simple Guide to Schedule Text Message on Galaxy A72

You can finish the steps to schedule a text message on Galaxy A72 in a few minutes. Now, we are entering a busy world where you can communicate with someone easily. Simply, take your Galaxy A72 and send a text message. But what can you do if you have a busy schedule and you forget about sending an urgent message at the right time?

schedule text message on galaxy a72

This case will never happen if you just schedule a text message on your device. This feature allows your device sends a message automatically at the right time to the right person. Well, this feature surely makes you happy, even it is easy to do so.

Schedule text message on Galaxy A72 using samsung text messages

For the user of Samsung Galaxy, you have big luck because the pre-installed message application on your device provides the option to schedule a text message. If you wonder how to use this one on your device, here is the complete guideline.

  • Open the Messages application on your Galaxy A72. After that, choose the contact that you would like to send a scheduled text message.
  • After that, type the message you want to send. To continue, tap on the (+) icon, located at the left side of the text.
  • Choose the scheduled message from the resulting screen. In this step, you can schedule your text by using the calendar UI. To do so, choose the time and the date. Besides, you can schedule a text message on Galaxy A72 a year ahead.
  • Once you completed sending the text message, the next thing to do is to tap on the “Done”. After that, hit the “send” button. This way will help you send the message automatically to the contact you have selected at the time you have scheduled.

If you just set a wrong time or a wrong date, it is possible to modify the scheduled text by long press on the message text. After that, you can delete it and then try this way again.


Well, that is the complete instruction on how to schedule a text message on your Galaxy Device. For other Android phones, you need to use third-party applications. For example, you can use Pulse SMS or Textra SMS as the most popular applications with good reviews.

Both of these applications come with a similar user interface and the applications are easy to use. You can schedule the message without finding any issues at all. If you are using Textra SMS, you have to make a new conversation with the contact that you would like to send the message to. Once opened the existing conversation, you can type the message to send.

After that, you can check the (+) icon, click it and choose the time to send the message by tapping on the clock icon. This icon will help you open the Calendar UI to choose the date and the time to send this text message. Once completed, click on the “Scheduled” button. That is all the best method on how to schedule a text message on Galaxy A72.

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