How to Restrict Background Data on Samsung Galaxy A72

Restrict background data on Galaxy A72 is the most powerful to solve the mobile data issue on your device. It works when the internet data disappears too fast you can imagine.

How To Restrict Background Data On Galaxy A72

Some applications on your Samsung Galaxy A72 may tap into the data usage. Even though, you are not using the apps. Gladly, there are some powerful ways on how to stop this matter. So, you can cut the data bill per month.

Background data is what your applications use when you are not using the apps. For instance, your device will use background data when there is an app refresh regularly to check new notifications. It is different from foreground data that your mobile uses when you are using an application actively, including when you open post a story to your WhatsApp, or when you are playing a video from YouTube.

Applications working in the background for some reason. First, to send notifications to its users, to help you receive information, and to keep you stay up-to-date even though you are not using the apps. Well, it is a good feature to know but most of these apps take the system resources that even can reduce the performance of the operating system.

Steps to restrict background data on Galaxy A72

Here is the complete guideline on how to restrict background data on Galaxy A72:

  • The first thing you must do is by heading to the “Settings” on your Samsung Galaxy A72.
  • After that, you must choose Connections to continue the process.
  • Next, tap on the Data Usage and continue to select the Background Data.
  • From here, you can restrict the application that you want. It is quite easy because you just have to toggle next to it to disable the background data usage.
  • After that, proceed through the list of the applications and then restrict the apps that you do not want the apps to use the background data. It means the unwanted apps will not use the data unless these apps are active in the foreground. Also, they will only display notifications when your Samsung Galaxy A72 uses a WiFi network connection.


By doing this tutorial, it helps you a lot to save more data usage bills. Of course, this tutorial is an effective solution for unknown apps that keep refreshing in the background of your device for displaying new notifications, for example, Facebook, YouTube, and others.

At the end of the day, if you wonder what happens if you restrict the background data, it will make the apps do not consume more internet data usage in the background while you are not using the apps. Just when you open the app, then it will consume your internet data.

Restricting background data on your device is more than just reducing the internet bills per month. But, it also helps you save the battery capacity of your device. It is a great decision if you disable the background data apps to improve the battery life. Especially when it comes to the less used applications.

That is all you need to know about the complete guideline on how to restrict background data on Samsung Galaxy A72. Hopefully, it works!

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