How to Screenshot On Galaxy A72 – 3 EASY Methods

How to screenshot on Galaxy A72 is easy that you can do it in different methods. The screenshot is important that you can capture an important document or capture a complete mission in a game and share it on your social media.

How To Screenshot On Galaxy A72 – 3 EASY Methods

Regardless of the Samsung phone you have, when it comes to taking a screenshot, the steps are similar. If you wonder how to take a screenshot on A72, here are some available methods.

How to screenshot on Galaxy A72 using button combinations

It is about using the Power and Volume down buttons. Commonly, the Volume buttons are on the left side. Meanwhile, the Side Key or the power button is on the right side of your phone. Some Samsung models may have different key locations.

When you want to capture a screenshot, hold the Volume down key and the side key (Power Key) at the same time. Your Galaxy A72 screen starts flashing as the sign that you are successfully capturing the screenshot.

Using palm swipe

Is it possible to use Palm Swipe on Galaxy A72 for a screenshot? Well, the answer is no. It is because this feature may not exist on all Galaxy series. But, if you have other Samsung models with this feature, you can go for it. This feature lets you use a palm swipe to take a screenshot automatically, which means you do not even need to press any button.

To start, go to Settings and then choose Palm Swipe to capture. After that, tap the switch“Palm swipe to Capture” and turn it on.

This way will let you take a screenshot easily any time when you are swiping your phone screen by using the edge of your hand.

Scroll capture to enable screenshot

The next method on how to screenshot on Galaxy A72 is using Scroll Capture. If you think that you have been waiting for a webpage for too long to take a screenshot in just one capture, then use this feature. It allows you to get multiple screenshots and then you can combine those screenshots in one big capture to get the whole image.

Here are the complete steps to do so:

  • Open the screen to take a screenshot.
  • Press the volume down and the Power key at the same time.
  • Your phone will display the Smart capture, and then choose the scroll capture icon(the downward arrow).
  • Choose the icon for the second time. The scroll screenshot will start.
  • Tap the icon once it reached the bottom of the webpage.
  • Check the Smart capture menu, and you can choose the hashtag icon to add the tags to the screenshots.
  • Your phone will display the suggested tags. Otherwise, create the hashtags you want. After that, choose to save, your phone will save the tag.
  • Once completed, tap the outside of the Smart capture menu bar. If you want to see the captured screenshot, then you can tap the preview. Another way is to go to the Gallery.

Using a smart capture icon means that you have to open a large web page, image, or app screen that needs scrolling. This way will make your phone display the smart capture icon. Additionally, sometimes this feature does not exist on certain websites. That is all about how to screenshot on Galaxy A72.

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