Galaxy A72 User Manual for First-Time Users

Galaxy A72 user manual is what you need if it is your first time using this device. Samsung completes this device with One UI. 3.0 together with a Super AMOLED screen in size of 6.7 inches. As a good-looking smartphone, you can get this device by spending about Rs 34,999. Even though the price is more expensive than the Galaxy A52, but it offers better capabilities and specifications.

Galaxy A72 User Manual for First-Time Users

The coming of Galaxy A72 is the best weapon to compete against Mi 10T Pro, OnePlus 8T, and Vivo’s X60. Now, you can use this user manual to get a better experience having Galaxy A72.

Galaxy A72 user manual basic information

We strongly recommend you to read this user manual carefully before using Samsung Galaxy A72. This user manual ensures proper use for first-time users. When you are using some features or some applications, this device may need a Wi-Fi connection. If you are using this device to launch high-quality content with high RAM or CUP usage, it will affect the performance of the Galaxy A72. For example, some applications related to the content cannot work properly, depends on the environment and the device’s specifications.

Besides, Samsung is not responsible at all if there are any performance problems because you are using applications from other providers, not Samsung. Also, the manufacture has no responsibility if there are incompatibilities or issues because of the modified operating system or registry settings. Therefore, it is important not to do this because it can affect the performance of your device.

Moreover, wallpapers, images, and other media you can find in this device come with limited use. If you extract or use the materials for other purposes, it against the copyright laws. Additional charges for any data services are possible, including uploading, messaging, and downloading depends on the data plan you use. For this reason, if you want to do large data transfer, it is better to use Wi-Fi connectivity.

It is also important not to modify the operating system of your device. In case you have installed software from untrusted sources, it will create data corruption, loss, or device malfunctions. These are violations that will void the warranty.

How to prevent screen burn-in

In Galaxy A772 user manual, Samsung also recommends all users not use the fixed graphics for all the touchscreens, especially for a longer period. It is better to disable the touchscreen when you are not using this device to prevent ghosting or screen burn-in. If you want to turn the touchscreen off automatically, when you are not using this device, here is the complete instruction:

Go to the Settings app, after that choose Display, and tap on screen timeout. To continue, choose the length of time so the device will turn off the touchscreen automatically.

To let your device, adjust the brightness automatically, depends on the surrounding environment, here is the complete instruction:

Go to the Settings app, and then tap on Display. After that, choose the Adaptive Brightness switch and enable this feature.

Those are all things you should know about the Galaxy A72 user manual. If it is your first time using this device, make sure that you read the manual book.

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