Galaxy A72 Display Hacks – Things You Should Know


Galaxy A72 Display is slightly larger than the Galaxy A52. Samsung makes it even fresher with a new design. As a simple yet elegant smartphone, it comes out with pastel colors. The display of this device is Super AMOLED in size of 6.7-inch, along with a Full-HD+ resolution. Additionally, the phone supports HDR playback with a refresh rate capacity that reaches 90Hz.


It is not too much to say that the Galaxy A72 Display has good quality since it is above the average for its punchy colors and brightness. The display does not distract you at all even if when you see the white backgrounds. To customize the display, you can learn more hacks here.

How to set up Galaxy A72 display

If you want to change the display as well as the home screen settings, here is some information to follow:

  • Go to the Setting screen and then tap on Display.
  • Choose light or dark to enable or disable the dark mode.
  • Dark mode settings help you prevent eye strain since it works by providing the dark theme when you are using Galaxy A72 in a dark place or at night. Even better, you can create a schedule to activate the dark mode.
  • To adjust the level of brightness, check the brightness. To help your phone adjust the brightness automatically, tap on adaptive brightness.
  • There is an Eye Comfort Shield feature, allows you to limit the blue light from the screen to reduce eye strain. You can even create a schedule for this one.

How to adjust motion smoothness

What is the refresh rate? Well, it is about how many times the screen will refresh every second. You can apply the high refresh rate. This way will help the screen flickering when the device is switching between screens. By using this way, the screen can scroll better and even more smoothly. If you go with a standard refresh rate, it can save your battery life.

Here is the best way to adjust the motion smoothness:

  • On the Settings screen, choose Display and tap on Motion smoothness.
  • Choose a refresh rate. Go with high if you want to enjoy the smoother animations and let your device scroll automatically with the refresh rate of 90 Hz. Meanwhile, choose standard if you want to converse the battery life by using the standard refresh rate.

How to adjust the display by color value

The next hack on how to customize the Galaxy A72 Display is by adjusting the screen tone. This way will let you increase or decrease certain color tones. This case means you will adjust the Red, Green, and Blue.

Here is the complete instruction to follow:

  • Head to the Settings screen. After that, you can choose Display, and then select a Screen mode. Go with Vivid.
  • After that, continue by tapping on Advanced settings.
  • The last thing to do is to adjust the R (Red), G (Green), B (Blue) color bar to your choice. Your phone will adjust the screen tone.

Those are all things when it comes to screen settings on Galaxy A72.

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