Samsung Galaxy A72 Camera and How to Taking Picture Using Its

Samsung Galaxy A72 camera comes with a similar setup just to the Galaxy A52. The difference is Samsung swapped the depth of the camera to make it more useful with the presence of 8-megapixel as the telephoto camera.

Galaxy A72 Camera and How To Use It

For the latter, it comes with an f/2.2 aperture, optical stabilization, and a 3x optical zoom range. Other than that, Samsung supported it with the main camera that has a 64-megapixel capacity, ultra-wide camera with 12-megapixel, and macro camera with 5-megapixel capacity. Even there is a megapixel selfie camera with the support of 32-megapixel.

When you take pictures using the main camera, the results are above average, especially the lighting is good. You can use it to take pictures of landscapes, create natural colors and a decent dynamic range. Meanwhile, the ultra-wide camera has a good view, good close-ups, sharp details, and a pleasing level of depth.

Next is the telephoto camera, which captures the average photos in good light. When the lighting is low, Samsung Galaxy A72 works with a long exposure, just like a regular photo with a Night mode. For the selfie camera, it is good enough whether you take it during the day or the low light. Selfies have pleasing details, look good.

How to use Galaxy A72 camera

Here is the complete tutorial on how to take pictures using Galaxy A72:

  • Tap on the Camera app, you can launch this application by using the Side Key. To do so, press the key twice, and quickly. Alternatively drag the camera icon to the left on your locked screen (Note: Some features are not available when you are using the Camera application from the locked screen). This camera app will close automatically when you are not using it.
  • You will see the preview screen to set the focus of the camera. After that, tap on the image. You can adjust the brightness of the photos, and then drag the adjustment bar above or beneath the circular frame.
  • Use the circle icon in the middle of the screen to take a picture. Drag the shooting modes list to the right or the left if you want to use another shooting mode. Other than that, you can swipe it to the right or the left on your preview screen.

Galaxy A72 has a wide-angle lens. It is possible if there is minor distortion in the wide-angle videos or pictures. But, it does not indicate device performance problems. Well, in case you want to correct the distortion here, go to the Settings icon on your preview screen. After that, tap on Format and advanced options. Continue by pressing the Ultra-wide shape correction switch and enable it.

How to use the camera button

If you want to use the Galaxy A72 camera button, here is the complete instruction:

  • Tap and then hold the camera button. This way will help you record a video.
  • After that, take burst shots by swiping the button of the camera to the edge of this screen. To continue, hold it.
  • If you add more camera buttons, it is possible to move it on the screen to take more pictures conveniently. To do so, check on the preview screen and then hit the Settings icon. After that, choose shooting methods and then select the Floating shutter button to activate it.

Those are all things you should know about Galaxy A72 and its camera performance. Hopefully, this article is helpful!

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