How to Force Stop Apps on Samsung Galaxy A72 Easily

How to force stop apps on Galaxy A72 is quite easy. You just have to head the application information page and then tap on the Force Stop menu. Other than that, you can follow the two methods in the next section of this article.

The question is what do you know about force stop an application on Galaxy A72? What happens to your device afterward? Does it affect your device? If you wonder whether it is a safe method or not, here you can find the answer.

How to force stop apps on Galaxy A72

Force stopping an application means that you will immediately and completely end the foreground and background process related to the application. For example, if you like using music player app, sometimes it runs in the background actively and keep updating the content. Here, you always get more notifications even though you just closed the app.

stop apps on galaxy a72

Even though you have terminated the apps, they still running in the background on your device. This way makes you need the best way on how to force stop your Samsung Galaxy A72.

Here are the complete steps on how to force stop apps on your device:

  • Press the Home Button on your Galaxy A72 and hold it.
  • After that, choose Task Manager.
  • Hit the End button to the application that you wish to close.
  • Next, if you want to close all the running applications, then you must hit the “End all”.
  • Other than that, it is possible to press the home button and then hold it. After that, slide it right or left to close the app.

Alternatively, you can try this second method if you think that the first method did not help at all:

  • First of all, tap the Apps button from the front device screen..
  • After that, scroll it to left and then head to “Settings”.
  • Continue the process by tapping on the tab “More”.
  • You will find application manager and then tap on it.
  • Your device is running and then choose the application that you want to stop.
  • You force stop the app successfully.


The next question is about whether it is safe or not to force stop an app. Well, it depends on the reason and the time you are force stopping your device. Mostly, it is safe to do this, as long as when the app is malfunctioning. For example, the app is crashing and some features cannot work. Force stopping a crashing app gives the apps more chance to resolve the issues because of the malfunction.

On the contrary, it is important to note that when you are force stopping an app, whether it is working normally or not, it can cause you lose some unsaved data. When you try to follow how to force stop apps on your Galaxy A72, it will not delete the saved file on your device. But, it may remove the unsaved data, depends on the process. In this case, if you are having a note-taking app and it does not come with auto-save feature, force closing this app will make you lose the unsaved data

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