How to Change Text Message Background on Galaxy A72

Changing the text message background on Galaxy A72 is a possible way to do it. Your device has a default setting related to the text color of the message. Perhaps you want to use another color of the discussion thread of your message application. Well, you could explore the settings, but you will not find the steps there to change the SMS bubble especially for the color on it.

In this post, we would like to tell you that you can modify the color of the text message background on Galaxy A72. Even you can customize the main theme as well. From this tutorial, you can follow each of the steps carefully to make sure that there is no missed step.

text message background on galaxy a72

Steps to change text message background on Galaxy A72

Here are the complete steps on how to change the text message background on Galaxy A72. What we mean here is the color display of text from the settings.

  • Open the Settings icon on your Samsung Galaxy A72.
  • After that, you can select Wallpaper and themes.
  • Here, you need to browse first if you have a premium theme or to find out the theme you already have.
  • You need to go to the theme library. This way will let you change the background. After that, change the text color of Galaxy A72.

Changing the text message background using application

Well, you can use the previous technique but of course, there is one big thing to consider. The previous setting will affect the main theme of your device. When you just want to change the text background on your device, it will affect the whole theme of your Galaxy A72.

Therefore, we recommend you use another way on how to change the message background by using the third-party application.

  • Tetra SMS

This application lets you customize the background color of your messages as well as the theme. It offers much stuff with more than 100 themes, bubble colors, as well as icons. Additionally, you could use dark mode, auto night mode, light mode, six types of bubbles, SMS programming, and many more.

  • Color Message

This is another application allows you to change the theme, the color of the messages, and the size of the text. There are many Emojis as well.

  • Go SMS

Get a better experience of using text messages by using this application. It works on Samsung Galaxy A72 and other Android devices. Simply, download this application from Google Playstore. After that, you will get many magnificent themes, private messaging, pop-ups, and others to personalize your text message background.


Those are all things you should know about how to change the text message background on Galaxy A72. Even though you need a third-party application, but if the application is safe, it is worth trying. Now, you have the best way to make your text message background looks different from other users of Galaxy A72. If you get trouble following the instructions above, you can repeat and follow every step carefully.

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