Best Ways to Adjust Flashlight Brightness on Galaxy A72

Flashlight brightness on Samsung Galaxy A72 perhaps is too bright for you. Well, if you used a flashlight on your device, maybe you think that the brightness level is not the best choice. This way can make you upset, especially when you compare it to another phone.

Well, just cooling down! It is because your Samsung Galaxy comes with a setting that you probably are not aware of it since it lets you increase the level of the brightness for your flashlight. When you are adjusting the flashlight brightness, it is not necessary to install any other applications.

Tips to increase the flashlight brightness on Galaxy A72

If you check the default setting, Galaxy A72 and other Galaxy devices come with the flashlight brightness in the middle level – It is about 3 out of 5. This default setting of course can create frustration, especially for users’ lies. You can even use this guide for other Samsung models with One UI skin, such as S21, S20, or Note 10.

flashlight brightness on galaxy a72

When you notice that the torch is shining too bright or less bright, do not worry. Here is the complete guideline on how to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy A72:

  • Open the flashlight quick toggle by pulling down the notification shade.
  • Turn on the flashlight on Galaxy A72 by tapping on the tile.
  • After that, tap on the text below the tile.
  • You can set the brightness level on Samsung Galaxy A72 to the desired choice.

It is important to note that you should turn on the flashlight first to adjust the brightness setting. Once completed, your device will shave the brightness even though you did not tap on “Done”. After that, you can tap the toggle to turn the flashlight on or off.

Now, your device will be ready to glow at the maximum brightness level when you turn the flashlight on. If you want to set the brightness level lower than before, select the text “Flashlight”, under the tile and then adjust the desired level. This setting is helpful for sure!

Adjust flashlight brightness on other samsung devices

If you have a Galaxy device with Samsung working on Android 8 above, the adjustment is still the same. Here is how to start adjusting the flashlight brightness on Galaxy S7. If you are using a device that works with Touch Wiz, it does not come with the brightness adjustment.

As you see, it is quite easy to adjust flashlight brightness on Galaxy A72. This phone can be a great example when it comes to flashlight because there is a hidden way on how to adjust the flashlight quick settings to deal with the brightness level, so you can use the flashlight comfortably.

At any time that you want to get a little bit of light but you do not want the flashlight brightness is very strong, you can follow the tutorial above. You can try the steps and tell us if you have any experience during your trial. We hope that our content can help you solve this matter.

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